Thursday, March 13, 2008

Life experiences

So, not too much exciting has been going on, but I figured I would just write for the heck of it! We have all been sick for about a month, so after we all started getting better, I totally disinfected the entire house. What an undertaking! Anyway, hopefully this will keep us from getting it again. Mallorie had gotten so dehydrated that when she got the virus the second time we decided to take her to the hospital. Joe was down the road and I called him to tell him we needed to go ahead and go to the hospital. He calls back about 5 minutes later and says that he has gotten into a wreck! It was the other persons fault, they ran a stop sign(flashing red light) and Joe creamed them in the side. I guess we were somehow destined to go to the hospital that day. Unfortunately it got us all sick again. My point with all of this is you realize how great life is when you feel good, and appreciate feeling good after experiencing sickness. That's about the only good thing about being sick...not being sick anymore! Hope everyone out there is feeling great today and all days to come. Chao!