Thursday, April 10, 2008

The beginnings of a garden!!

Joe bought us an one-hundred dollar 1976 tiller, and there he is tilling the garden. It may not be in style, but it sure does get the job done(that goes for the both of 'em;P)! There is a homemade fence up around it now(posts made from the trees Joe and the missionaries cut down, ha!), and we've got most of the stuff planted. I just haven't taken more pictures yet. Mallorie sure did like the giant sand box, though!

So, I've kinda been busy and forgot to post Easter pics? Here goes!

Preparedness "An Experiment in Backyard Farming"

This is a great video. I was looking on craigslist in the free section....and someone had posted this. I'm thinking it was God telling me something of what is to come. I went back on craigslist because I wanted to show Joe, but whoever posted it had already pulled it! Anyway, I hope that everyone listening out there will take a second and evaluate your own lives and make sure that you are prepared in all ways for whatever the future holds. Enjoy the video!