Friday, July 17, 2009


This is not how you want your baby to be at full term. Well, after an ultrasound today at my routine, now weekly, check-up (done because the mid-wife could not feel Brianna's head) we found out that Brianna is lying sideways. AHHHH! Transverse lie, to be technical. Worse than being breech. So, unless she turns she can't come out vaginally. Come on Brianna! Let's work together on this one! Rachel, the mid-wife that saw me today and who delivered Mallorie, gave me some numbers to some acupuncture people who are supposed to know some type of heat therapy related to acupuncture that turns baby to the correct position 80% of the time. I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:30 am to try that out. She also told me to get upside down on an ironing board, of which I do not even own (ha!), proped against a couch and put an ice pack to Brianna's head; supposedly makes her want to move. Brain freeze?? Anywho, all of this sounds pretty fun, especially in week 39 of pregnancy. Heavenly Father, it is in your hands. Please see us through and safely. I will keep y'all updated...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

*LOOK*please read last post and take poll!

Full Term

Ok, so I thought I'd add a little text...I have said the entire pregnancy that by "my calculations" my due date was July 16th. If she bakes for as long as Mal did she'd come this coming up Sunday morning. The doctors have my due date as July 25th, by "their calculations" and ultrasound...and my measurements...and just about everything else they tell me. I don't see how by "my calculations", but whatever I'm no math whiz and Heavenly Father does what He wants. So, long story short...When are you coming Brianna??!! Any guesses??!! Maybe I'll set up a poll...there's a thought, yeah!