Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Power of...

...a 3-year-old's prayer. After I made that post yesterday, I decided to let Mallorie know as sensitive that I could that Tag was missing. We went calling him around the yard a few times and then came back and sat on the porch. Mal put her head on her hands and let out a huge sigh. I told her Tag needed her to say a prayer for him. We came inside and she said as I folded my arms, "No, no, no, you've got to put your hands on my head!" She thought that would give Tag a blessing I suppose. I explained that we had to pray for Tag since he was not around. So, she folded her arms and said a short prayer, including in it "to bless Tag". I knew if he was coming back it would have to be because of her sincere prayer. While I was cooking dinner, Joe came home. After a while he came in and said that Tag had come up, but that he was foaming at the mouth! Of course, our first thought was rabies. After a while of checking on him outside, we saw that something was just wrong with his mouth. At 8:30pm last night we took him to the "Emergency Vet" an hour away from us. Sounds kind of weird, and there were some interesting people there, but luckily for us they were open. Long story short, and over $300 later, Tag is back at home and taking some medicine to make him feel better and reduce the swelling in his face. We still have to take him to get his tooth pulled though. Poor snaggle-tooth! Anywho, glad we had good news to report!

Friday, May 9, 2008

We miss you Tag!

Sad news for us...Our cat Tag has not come home for 2 days:( I did not know how attached I was to him until now. He was limping the last night we saw him, but we figured it was just a sprain from doing what cats do so we let him outside that night like normal. In the middle of the night the other night, Joe and I got woken up by ferocious sounding dogs on the porch. He got out there as fast as he could and ran them away. He said he saw Tag under the van, but it may have been "neighbor kitty" as Mal calls the neighbors cat. I'm hoping for the best and that he will come back soon. Is it weird to pray for your cat to come home?! I'm not usually an "animal person" that gets overbearing about their pets, but this cat has got to be the sweetest cat ever! Not to mention, Mallorie loves him so much. Anyway, hope to have good news about the situation soon!