Monday, December 28, 2009

Love this girl

Sweet. Spicy. Spunky.
What a doll, love you Mal!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have you awakened to your "awful situation" yet?

This is the last part of a talk given by Ezra Taft Benson in 1961. Please hear and listen to these words!! Socialism has just about taken over. Next comes communism. Our country is not too big to fail, it is not unsinkable. Please prepare yourselves, it really is almost too late if we haven't already begun.

Click here for entire talk.

Ezra Taft Benson:

No true Latter-day Saint and no true American can be a socialist or a communist or support programs leading in that direction. These evil philosophies are incompatible with Mormonism, the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
What can priesthood holders do? There are many things we can do to meet the challenge of the adversary in our day.
First, we should become informed about communism, about socialism, and about Americanism. What better way can one become informed than by first studying the inspired words of the prophets and using that as a foundation; against which to test all other material. This is in keeping with the Prophet Joseph Smith's motto, "When the Lord commands, do it." (Ibid., Vol. 2, p. 170.)
The Foundation for Economic Education, Irvington-on-Hudson, New York on which President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., served as a board member, continues to supply sound freedom literature. We should know enough about American free enterprise to be able to defend it. We should know what makes it possible for six percent of humanity-living under our free economy-to produce about one-half of the earth's developed wealth each year.
We should know why paternalism, collectivism, or unnecessary federal supervision will hold our standard of living down and reduce productivity just as it has in every country where it has been tried. We should also know why the communist leaders consider socialism the highroad to communism.
Second, we should accept the command of the Lord and treat socialistic communism as the tool of Satan. We should follow the counsel of the President of the Church and resist the influence and policies of the socialist-communist conspiracy wherever they are found-in the schools, in the churches, in governments, in unions, in businesses, in agriculture.
Third, we should help those who have been deceived or who are misinformed to find the truth. Unless each person who knows the truth will "stand up and speak up" it is difficult for the deceived or confused citizen to find his way back.
Fourth, we should not make the mistake of calling people "communist" just because they happen to be helping the communist cause. Thousands of patriotic Americans, including a few Latter-day Saints, have helped the communists without realizing it. Others have knowingly helped without joining the party. The remedy is to avoid name-calling, but point out clearly and persuasively how they are helping the communists.
Fifth, each priesthood holder should use his influence in the community to resist the erosion process which is taking place in our political and economic life. He should use the political party of his choice to express his evaluation of important issues. He should see that his party is working to preserve freedom, not destroy it. He should join responsible local groups interested in promoting freedom and free competitive enterprise, in studying political issues, appraising the voting records and proposed programs, and writing to members of Congress, promoting good men in public office and scrutinizing local, state, and federal agencies to see that the will of the people is being carried out. He should not wait for the Lord's servants to give instruction for every detail once they have announced the direction in which the priesthood should go. Each member should exercise prayerful judgment and then act.
Sixth, and most important of all, each member of the priesthood should set his own house in order. This should include:
1. Regular family prayer, remembering especially our government leaders.
2. Getting out of debt.
3. Seeing that each member of the family understands the importance of keeping the commandments.
4. Seeing that the truth is shared with members of the family, with neighbors, and with associates.
5. Seeing that each member is performing his duties in the priesthood, in the auxiliary organizations, in the temple, and in the civic life of the community.
6. Seeing that every wage earner in the home is a full tithepayer and fulfilling other obligations in financial support of the kingdom.
7. Providing a one-year supply of essentials.
In doing these things a member of the Church is not only making himself an opponent of the adversary, but a proponent of the Lord.
In the prophecies there is no promise except to the obedient. To a modern prophet the Lord said:
"Therefore, what I say unto one, I say unto all: Watch, for the adversary spreadeth his dominions, and darkness reigneth;
"And the anger of God kindleth against the inhabitants of the earth;
". . . I give unto you directions how you may act before me, that it may turn to you for your salvation.
"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." (D&C 82:5-6, 9-10.)
May God give us the wisdom to recognize the threat to our freedom and the strength to meet this danger courageously.
Yes, perilous times are ahead, but if we do our duty in all things, God will give us inner peace and overrule all things for our good. God grant it may be so, I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My two lil' puh-kins

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KimBe's photo party

These are the only 3 photos I've seen, but aren't they awesome??!! Kim, you do an amazing job.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A few noteworthy things

First of all, let me appologize for not announcing and formally inviting people that mean alot to me (if you're reading this blog, that means you!) to Brianna's blessing...I have been extremely tired and didn't even think about it! Find it in your heart to forgive me, please!! Here is a picture of the family...nice looking chapel in the background too, eh?

Also.........can you tell I got my hair cut??!! Not sure if I like it yet...too late now! I guess it'll grow on me, no pun intended:P

And...I ran a 5k this weekend and came in 3rd...yeah, that's right, 3rd to last!! HA! but I MADE IT!! My legs were really sore yesterday...didn't think about it possibly being uphill! Fun times. Joe's dad and brother also ran the 5k. Dusty did it in 21 mins, Big Joe in 30 mins, an I did it in 41 mins:P

Caution: Extremely flattering picture below

And, let me not forget. Mallorie ran the 1metric mile youth race. Yay for her, too! She did it in a little over 9 mins! Apparently that's good, especially for her age...I thought just the fact that she was willing and able to do it was good. Time doesn't phase me, just ability-obviously with my 41 min 5k:P We both were able to do it, and that's what matters.

I think that's all the Stansel Family updates for now!

Maybe one more picture...isn't she adorable?!! My lil BriBear

Couldn't have said it better :P

Monday, August 24, 2009

What our prophet has to say about freedom and complacency

Glenn Beck plays clip of Ezra Taft Benson

Ponder this...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Brianna Cay Stansel! Yay, she's finally here and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Born at 11:09pm on Tuesday,July 21st; she weighed 7 lbs 5 sweet. Heavenly Father was truly with me, with us that day. I have never felt that so strongly as I did on Tuesday. I will make another blog about that, but I must not fail to report my gratitude to a loving Father in Heaven that looks after me so well. Not to mention all the prayers from everyone. He was listening, and I thank everyone. It means so much to me. Welcome to the world and to the family Brianna!

Friday, July 17, 2009


This is not how you want your baby to be at full term. Well, after an ultrasound today at my routine, now weekly, check-up (done because the mid-wife could not feel Brianna's head) we found out that Brianna is lying sideways. AHHHH! Transverse lie, to be technical. Worse than being breech. So, unless she turns she can't come out vaginally. Come on Brianna! Let's work together on this one! Rachel, the mid-wife that saw me today and who delivered Mallorie, gave me some numbers to some acupuncture people who are supposed to know some type of heat therapy related to acupuncture that turns baby to the correct position 80% of the time. I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:30 am to try that out. She also told me to get upside down on an ironing board, of which I do not even own (ha!), proped against a couch and put an ice pack to Brianna's head; supposedly makes her want to move. Brain freeze?? Anywho, all of this sounds pretty fun, especially in week 39 of pregnancy. Heavenly Father, it is in your hands. Please see us through and safely. I will keep y'all updated...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

*LOOK*please read last post and take poll!

Full Term

Ok, so I thought I'd add a little text...I have said the entire pregnancy that by "my calculations" my due date was July 16th. If she bakes for as long as Mal did she'd come this coming up Sunday morning. The doctors have my due date as July 25th, by "their calculations" and ultrasound...and my measurements...and just about everything else they tell me. I don't see how by "my calculations", but whatever I'm no math whiz and Heavenly Father does what He wants. So, long story short...When are you coming Brianna??!! Any guesses??!! Maybe I'll set up a poll...there's a thought, yeah!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I think I can, I think I can...

*choo-CHOO!!* Okay, I'm sure you get the point, but I'm feeling a little like the little engine that could. I've always looked up to that little engine, anyway. So, I'm almost at the top but still chugging along as the load is getting heavier...Once I get over that hill it should be coasting after that for a while, right? (some wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right?) Okay so I'm still pregnant, which is okay since I'm not quite due yet. Still anticipating labor and all that goes along with it. Still hoping my baby is born so healthy and cuddly. Still trying to finish everything. Still doing the laundry, the grocery shopping, the doctor's visits, etc. and not really minding. Watching our cat, who just had kittens 2 weeks ago, adjusting awkwardly to being a mother and empathizing. When they cry she tries to pick them up but never quite gets the hang of it, then looks pityfully at us as if to say "please help me bring them back to the basket!" Weird to say of a cat, but I understand how she feels having been there before.

So, I think I can, I know I can.

And now I wait.

In excitement.

In anticipation.

In awe.

Life is good.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pickin' peaches

Forgot to log our annual u-pick peach excursion...this year it was extra grumpy because Mal had a UTI and does not deal well with not feeling good, hence the barely gotten pictures that were proceeded by growls of disgust from the grumpy party. The peaches were very delicious, though. It was worth putting up with grumpo!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Because You Loved Me

This song came to my mind today. I have been thinking about "missionary work" or basically just plain letting people know that you love them. I never realized how much this song spells out the way to show love in action. Wouldn't that be wonderful if we fulfilled our life's mission so fully that people remembered us in this way...because we loved them.

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'coz you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Homeowner Finds Hidden Room

Did anyone see this? Wish I could upload the WCTV clip...No autographs, please.

Homeowner Finds Hidden Room

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My mom called on Friday from work and was in desperate need of a Memorial day 3-day weekend excuse for a vacation. Nowhere in mind to go, just "let's go!", we came up with going to St. Augustine/Jacksonville for a little shopping, gaming, swimming, all around get out of town but not too far adventure! We had a lot of fun to say the least. It was definately nice to get away. Mallorie had a lot of firsts, including learning to swim. She did such a good job!! I never knew I could worry so much, though! Other firsts include riding the go-kart, playing mini-golf, and seeing the beach (we did take her as a baby, but I don't think it counts). She was really excited about the arcade, too(I'll add some pictures of the arcade later from my phone). She's an air hockey pro! Really she does very well for her age at all of the things we did. She has really gotten to be very fun...just in time to go through all the baby stages again with another! Honestly, I think Mal will help me out a lot this time with the new arrival. Anyway, after we exhausted all of our coins at the arcade, we had about 750 tickets to show for it. Mallorie got some "noise putty" with 125 of them. The entire trip anytime wqe got in the car she'd say, "Want to play the pootin' game?!" Then we would take out the poot sounding noise putty and laugh away to our next destination. Definately the perfect addition to a Stansel fam vacation...anyone who knows us very well would agree I'm sure.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another chapel update

This picture does the steeple no justice, but here is a picture nonetheless. I drove by it today just as the crane was placing it on the top of the chapel. I had to do a U-turn because I was truly in awe. Heavenly Father has been so gracious to us. The scripture about Heavenly Father preparing mansions for us above came to my mind. I can't hardly wait to see exactly what that means...let us always remember to keep our treasures in heaven.

Monday, May 4, 2009

In preparation mode

4 years ago I was dramatically plunged into the world of motherhood with what Dr. Karp calls a baby with poor self-calming ability and a challenging temperment. He adds that these babies turn into great children(of which I can concur), but I'm glad he offers insight into how to deal in the mean time! Although I am 4 years way too late for Mal, we did survive. I just don't particularly want to be as ill prepared this time as last time. Thanks to a friend for letting me borrow this book, I read it from the time I got home that day, into the wee hours of the night, and Mallorie watched movies the next day until I had finished it. Yes, I was enthrawled...very interested and open to knowledge of what could prepare me for what is ultimately the unknown. That's also why I don't read much because when I pick up a book I have this intense drive to finish it instead of enjoying it (luckily that is with exception of the scriptures). Anyway, I would definately recommend this book to any mother even if your baby has the most delightful new baby personality. It seems like more than just a racket at least! I will try it as soon as I get the chance and give a report. I have also been wanting a double jogging stroller and have been diligently searching for the best deal on craigslist and amazon and other places. Finally the other day I saw one close to where we live that was a very expensive one when new and good quality. It matched all my needs, wants, and was in my price range! So after Joe's and Mal's approval, we are new proud(not in a bad way though!) and appreciative owners of a double jogging stroller by Baby Jogger. Mallorie loves it, we've already been out walking with it a few times...believe it or not I was able to jog for about a minute each time, don't really want to push it right now though. So, with all hopes of baby being happy and mother being back in...well, just in shape, ha!...I hope I'm not just hoping. Usually when I'm determined I can accomplish what I need to with a lot of help from above. Labor and delivery? I'm just gonna wing that! Thinking too intensely about that just leaves Joe and I with high blood pressure and anxiety:P I know there's still over 2 months until Brianna is here, but I'm getting pretty excited. These months are going to go by fast and I want to be as prepared as I can. That(preparedness), paired with faith, should be a good combination. Joe and I have grown together so much these almost 6 years we've been married. Here's to many more years of growth and love with our growing and loving little family.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Change is not always good

Monday, April 27, 2009

4 already?!

Wow, is Mallorie really 4 already?! It's true...Joe and I really are that much closer to 30...which by the way is getting younger everyday. So anyway, enough about us, Mallorie's party went pretty well, I thought. We did have a house burn down right around the corner during the party. Joe had to block the road until another Highway Patrol got there. The people were cooking fries and it turned into a grease fire. Within minutes the house was burnt beyond repair. The people were renting, but all of their stuff is gone....they have four children, and only the clothes on their backs (one is a baby and only had on a daiper). I'm just thankful they all got out in time.

Here are some pictures:

The Dora pinata that I made for Mal.

Mutilating the Dora pinata!

Mal's Dora cake.

Happy Birthday to Mallorie!

Happy Birthday to you!

Mallorie wanting to play with everything right away.

The party favors at the end were a hit...water guns!


And the fun continues!

When we got home, Uncle Dusty, Laiel, and Joe put together the mini market from her papa and grandma. Mallorie kept paying papa for the food he wanted to buy. Charity in action:P

The house that caught on fire during the party. So sad! Everyone did get out okay, though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

27 Weeks...and counting!

So I figured I would try to use Marquesas' photo tool on a belly photo.
Since I never remember to take one of me while Joe or someone is around to help, here's my attempt at the 10-second-timer.



Just a close up:

Mallorie wanted in on the action:

Evolution of a Revolution

So, what are these "Tea" parties all about? Glenn Beck says it so well, so please watch the video to the right...but basically people of all different political beliefs coming together because we're fed up with our irresponsible government and the spending that will lead us to being slaves to communist china. Borrower is slave to the lender, ever heard that one. Joe and I have learned enough from personal experience about borrowing money, about government assistance, and tax refunds of taxes that we never paid in. We've learned enough to know that we're all in big trouble unless we wake up the people in Washington, who are spending people's money irresponsibly, to the fact that We The People run America. Joe's sign said, "Wake up America!...before your liberty is gone!" Are you awake? Please, it's our generation's battle to fight so our children and grandchildren won't have to.
Forget Republicans
Forget Democrats
Embrace the truth...