Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our little (and wonderful) temple trip

Joe and I got to go to the temple today. Yesterday we were praying together about something that has been plaguing us. Not long after that, a sister from our branch called and asked if we wanted to ride with her to the temple! Joe had answered the phone and I was in the shower, so he came to me and said "Sister ___ wants to know if we would like to go to the temple tomorrow with her, what do you think?" And I said, "Uh, YEAH" in an excited valley girl type accent! HA! You know I must have been excited. Anyway, I was like, "Duh! answer to our prayer, Joe!" But, he always asks me for my opinion even if he knows how I'll answer, so I'll let him off the hook a little! So, WOW, what a great day. That's all I can really say on here. Thank you, and WOW. I love the gospel. I love Heavenly Father's messengers/hands here on earth. And I love my husband(see that picture, isn't he just soooo handsome??!!).