Thursday, September 25, 2008

My passionate explanation of the site to the right---->

So, I have been very distraught about abortion for a long time. To me, it is the greatest, filthiest, most despicable downfall of our society. Without life and respect thereof, there is no reason to be here. My point is, we have been sent here to live, not to choose whether someone lives or not in the case of an innocent child. Life is not a lawful and just choice. If it becomes a choice to someone, it is the worst choice they could ever make. It is beyond me that this would even have to be explained to someone. If one of us is worth living and deserves life, WE ALL DO. Burning a child to death by abortion or other gruesome abortion rituals, especially your own flesh and blood that you created, should never have been tolerated and condoned in this great country. Just like Gianna Jessen says on the site that I have posted to the right...if it was solely about women's right, what were hers? Amazing story, please check it out.

Barack Obama, as does the basic Democrat platform, believes in the "women's right to choose". How anyone ever got tricked into thinking that was logical and moral I will never know...except when I think about the power of satan. Beyond that even, the purpose of this site is to expose the fact that he denied medical care to infants that were born after an abortion did not kill them. That is beyond evil. No one can chalk that up to rights.

How can people kill their children inside their own womb? Just because they can't see them yet?!! They are still there. If it's not a child, they were never pregnant, right? I know young girls get tricked into thinking it is best sometimes, so does most of the fault then lie on the people around them pushing for the burning and suffocation of their innocent child? I do know there is a punishment, and hope it's not too late for America. We are only blessed and protected as long as the people are righteous. The Nephites were destroyed by the Lamanites in the end, and because the Lamanites had one thing: Love and respect for their families. This is satan's classic attack on the family and though I hope we do not end up with a classic outcome, it is eminent. Do not be deceived.