Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gettin' crafty!

We have been watching way too much T.V. around here! When I need to fill in down time, that is what bonds the time together...the boob tube. I try to keep these kids, and myself, going all day with something constructive, but alas we succumb to iCarly, The Berenstain Bears, or some other DVD that screams "I'll capture your attention and pass the time!"

I was thinking the other day about that. Why do I try to pass the time?! I want time to slow down, really. I need to find, for myself and my entire family, something that helps us enjoy the time we have and not be bored or on the contrary overly extended. The internet and fb capture alot of my time, too. Limiting myself to checking up on fb to once a day is plenty, I'm sure; I digress. I wondered, do I really know my kids, I mean really know them? I want to.

T-I-M-E. Not passing time, but spending time. It's weird how you can live with people, and get so used to it that you forget how special the are, and what they hold inside that you have no idea about because you've become complacent.

Yesterday, we did a craft together, and it's what started me thinking of this. I really had all intentions of just blogging about the craft, but it meant so much more to me than that.

We thought it turned out pretty cute *thanks G-ma Stansel*. I hope I can learn how to relax more and spend quality time with them while they are young, especially. Maybe they will think I know something when they become teenagers. That may be wishful thinking though. Mallorie already thinks she knows more so who knows.

Mallorie also received a birthday package today! She and Bri were pretty excited!
After taking all the clothes out, she decides to try them on!

And, the gummy bears must have melted somewhere along the way.

"Look, mama, they're one big gummy glob!"
"That won't stop me!"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If Mal likes it, that's all that counts!

Mallorie said she really liked the trial cake we did, so I guess we will stick with the concept. I made Carly's head too round, but you can't erase... so here's how it turned out with the random colors:

Mallorie did balloons and an "M" on the bottom right.
I think I will make the iCarly logo bigger, try to make her face more oval, and my mom is sending a package with some candles that spell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and the number 6, so all I should have to write is Mallorie. I ended up using 20 cupcakes, and Mal, Bri and I ate the remaining 4! Fun project! It has sprinkles on there, too, but the camera didn't pick them up. Just imagine a little added sparkle:)

Here is the mock drawing I did and the DVD cover I used for the logo:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have you ever made....

....a Cupcake Cake??

Yeah, me either.

But, I will try! I just realized that last year for Brianna's birthday I made a cake that looked like a cupcake, and this year for Mal's birthday I am making cupcakes that look like a cake. Weird. Anywho, I thought it would be fun and kids always love cupcakes so hopefully I won't totally bomb at making it. I thought about even drawing Carly Shay from iCarly on it, but I may give up on that after the test run....
Example of a very nicely done cupcake cake:

Whoever did this one, said they baked cookies and painted them to make the iCarly logo.
The following is the picture I'm going to use, with step by step instructions, to draw Carly:
I'm on a limited budget, so the cake is going to have random colors (ones that were on sale!), so we shall see! I plan on updating this with pictures, unless I fail miserably.

Any suggestions from anyone who has made one before? I'm all ears.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at Temple Square

Just us girls...and a cookie.
We decided saturday night, that Easter Sunday we would go to Salt Lake and have a picnic at the temple. This was Joe's and the girls' first time seeing the Salt Lake Temple. I have only seen it once before. It was even more beautiful than the first time. How can that be? I think I was able to take in more of my surroundings this time. It was a little cold, but we still enjoyed our lunchables and we decorated the cookies my mom sent to us. We got some really good pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses. We couldn't believe there was a theme park open, We could see all the rides going like it was just any day. I hope they lost money that day. Anywho, we had a great time. Can't wait to go back.

Grateful for the man who offered to take our picture *but did he know he cut out Moroni?*

 The kids loved their Easter basket, and the Easter bunny even brought them scripture markers and a church video! Must have been easier for him to find out here...When we first brought up that we needed to get an Easter basket to set out so the Easter bunny could come, Mal responded, "I know the Easter bunny is not real. I know it's just y'all." So, I was actually fully ready to accept that she had moved on. Later that day, her neighbor/church friend was so excited about the Easter bunny that I think Mal got convinced again, so I just rolled with the punches. I just keep talking about and asking her why we really celebrate Easter. As long as she knows that, I could really care less about the rest. And last night when we got home from the temple, Mallorie was excited to watch the DVD the Easter bunny brought her. And when it was over, she asked to watch it again. All in all, it was a good Easter. Just missing a few key people, of course.
See how Brianna has learned to open things herself.