Sunday, March 15, 2009

The weekend happenings...

Mallorie is apparently married, and to a prince nonetheless.

Ok, so in all actuality Joe's high school friends John and Jennifer got married and Mallorie was the flower girl. She did a really great job. I am convinced it's because she thought she was the princess and she really was getting married. She hasn't asked where Danny..err, I mean "the prince" is though, which is kind of funny in itself. She is perfectly content with the fact that she got married yesterday and the prince is back in Maryland. The kicker though...she told me at lunch today the whole marriage spiel and that she was an adult now and that, get this, she had a baby in her tummy, too...just like me I suppose*I cracked up laughing at this point*. The value of innocence. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

And just for kicks, here is our "My Eternal Family" photo for the bulletin board...of which I am behind on updating...:

There is so much love I have for these two...through good times and annoying ones:) Can't hardly wait to welcome in the new baby to our eternal family.