Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun -n- friends

This week the kids and I have gotten to get to know a few more people and play and hopefully create some good friendships. Play dates with new people is always fun. Everyone is so nice and the kids enjoy themselves. Also, learned a little more about a homeschool philosophy that I had heard a little about before. Ever heard of a Thomas Jefferson Education? I like the philosophy so far and look forward to reading the books. Thanks to a new friend for introducing that to us again:)

Mallorie and Brianna made paper butterflies, at one craft-date, and then afterwards they all dug up worms! Well-rounded day, I say. Today we went for a playdate/picnic at a park near where we live. It was just us and another friend with kids, then it turned into a party with about 6 or more moms and their kids! Fun times! I love how there are so many people with the same interests in our little neighborhood!

And there are peaches!! The next big city over is called "Peach City"!
And.....I just realized that I got a sunburn on my face today! C'mon SPRING!!! Silly when you get excited over a sunburn, but that means there was sun:)